Ultra Air Hockey DX 

    Ultra Air Hockey DX is the award-winning, deluxe, 3D, multi-platform, version of the 2D, Ultra Air Hockey (Standard) PC version. It has all of the standard edition's features, as well as more music, more sound effects, more announcer guy, and 3 game modes (Air Hockey, Pinball, and Battle modes). Most importantly, the application is multi-platform, and is EagleSoft Ltd's first professional indie video game title! The game is available for Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux 10.04, and also for Android! The game was created for fun, as an upgraded version of the standard PC version of Ultra Air Hockey featuring deleted content and material, and for a graded Fundamentals of Software Engineering class with Dr. Acharya at Robert Morris University. Among other achievements, it won a Software Engineering Award at RMU in Spring 2015!

Game Features

Key: *=Features new to DX version

        #=Powerups only available in Air Hockey/Battle Mode

        %=Powerups only available in Pinball Mode

        $=Existential powerup

        ^=Timed powerup

        &=Goal powerup

        !=One-left powerup

Source Code:
Source Code and Fundamentals of SE class documentation
(You will need Microsoft Project and yED to view some documents)


v1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android)

Android APK
Google Play Store


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