Ultra Air Hockey DX

Ultra Air Hockey DX is the award-winning, deluxe, 3D, multi-platform, version of the 2D, Ultra Air Hockey (Standard) PC version. It has all of the standard edition's features, as well as more music, more sound effects, more announcer guy, and 3 game modes (Air Hockey, Pinball, and Battle modes). Most importantly, the application is multi-platform, and is EagleSoft Ltd's first professional indie video game title! The game is available for Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux 10.04, and also for Android! The game was created for fun, as an upgraded version of the standard PC version of Ultra Air Hockey featuring deleted content and material, and for a graded Fundamentals of Software Engineering class with Dr. Acharya at Robert Morris University. Among other achievements, it won a Software Engineering Award at RMU in Spring 2015!

Game Features

Key: *=Features new to DX version

#=Powerups only available in Air Hockey/Battle Mode

%=Powerups only available in Pinball Mode

$=Existential powerup

^=Timed powerup

&=Goal powerup

!=One-left powerup

    • Features

      • *1-4 Players (where applicable)

      • *3 Different Modes

        • Air Hockey mode

          • Standard Air Hockey

          • 1 vs. 1 game, Red vs. Blue

          • 2 goals

        • *Pinball Mode

          • Same as Air Hockey mode

          • But with flippers and a pinball as target object

        • *4-Player Battle Mode

          • Same as Air Hockey mode

          • But with 4 goals

          • Red vs. Blue vs. Green vs. Yellow

      • Difficulty settings

        • Each difficulty has a different size for the goals

        • x3 difficulty settings per mode

          • Easy

            • Large goal

          • Medium

            • Larger goal

          • Hard

            • Largest goal

      • Powerups

        • Powerups are collectible by hitting powerup box with the puck/pinball

        • Puck/pinball turns into color of stick/flipper that hit it

        • Powerup is then kept in reserve in the powerup HUD until player uses it

        • Once used, powerups will run and process until 1 of 4 conditions are met, depending on the powerup type

          • $Existential

            • Powerup will run until all of the powerup's spawned objects are destroyed

          • ^Timer

            • Powerup will run until the powerup's song timer is over

          • &Goal

            • Powerup will run until the next goal

          • !One-Left

            • Same as Existential, but will run until there is only one object left

        • x16 powerups

          • ^*#Army

            • Creates one AI teammate paddle for human user

            • Helper repels puck

          • %*Ball Saver

            • Puts Ball Saver into user's goal

            • Ball Saver is destroyed after 3 hits

          • ^#Big stick

            • Makes your paddle x3 bigger

          • $Blockade

            • Puts a giant wall on table

              • In Air Hockey/Pinball Modes

                • Placed in center of table in a line

              • In Battle Mode

                • Placed in center of table in a cross shape

            • Blocks offensive attacks by the opponent

            • Consists of 8 pieces per wall

            • Each piece can be destroyed after 3 hits from puck/pinball

          • ^Bumpers

            • Randomly places x6 bumpers on the table

            • Puck/pinball and paddles physically interact with them!

          • ^Fastmo

            • Speeds up game time scale, physics, and sound effects

            • Causes visual distortion effect

          • ^*Gravity Well

            • Places gravity well on table

            • Gravity well can be "kicked" around the table with paddles

            • Attracts puck/pinball towards it

          • ^*Hot Potato

            • Puck/Pinball has until end of powerup's song until it explodes

            • Can kill flippers/sticks if explodes on them, similar to "kill opponent" powerup

            • Goals made with the hot potato will kill the goal's owner

          • ^Invisibility mode

            • Makes players invisible for the powerup's song timer

            • Turns off the lights

            • Paddles/flippers will glow in the dark

          • &Kill opponent

            • Opponent's paddle/flippers is/are taken out of the game until next goal

          • !Multi puck/balls

            • Creates 3 pucks/pinballs in play!

            • Extra pucks/pinballs will disappear on goal

          • ^*Portals

            • Creates a blue and red portal on table

            • Puck/pinball that goes into one portal pops out the other

          • ^*Ramps

            • Creates x4 ramps on table

            • Puck/pinball can jump off them into the air

              • Going over flippers/sticks

              • Never goes off table, due to invisible boundaries

          • ^*Shield

            • Creates a force field shield around stick/flippers

            • Deflects pucks/pinball with a vastly increased velocity on collision

          • ^Slowmo

            • Slows down game time scale, physics, and sound effects

            • Causes visual distortion effect

    • Graphics

        • 98% Original graphics

        • *Real-time, 3D graphics

        • Original, hand-drawn CAD models

        • Original 2D sprites

    • Music

      • Public domain, classic MOD chiptunes

      • *~x42 chiptunes (from modarchive.org and elsewhere)

        • ~x5 for the menus

      • *~x30 for the powerups

        • (16 powerups x2 for Air Hockey/Battle and Pinball modes)

        • *~x9 for Mode/difficulty combos

          • 3 difficulties per mode, x2 modes (Air Hockey/Battle and Pinball modes)

          • x3 Gameover songs

            • x1 for Air Hockey, Battle, and Pinball modes

    • Sound effects

      • *~x75 Realistic, original, exciting sound effects and announcer guy clips!

        • *Environmental SFX

        • *Powerup SFX

      • Creative Common sounds from Freesound.org

      • Announcer proclaims

        • "Goal!" on a goal

        • What the current score is

        • Who is winner

        • *Menu/Options Items

          • *The current powerup collected and used

    • Gameplay

      • *Smooth 3D awesomeness!

      • Intelligent CPU AI!

      • *Accurate and realistic pinball and air hockey physics!

    • Options

      • Can select

        • Game mode

        • Difficulty

        • In-game username

        • In-game email

      • Can toggle on/off

        • Powerups

        • Music

        • Sfx

        • Announcer

Source Code:
Source Code and Fundamentals of SE class documentation
(You will need Microsoft Project and yED to view some documents)


v1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux/Android)
Google Play Store


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