Ultra Air Hockey (PC)

Ultra Air Hockey (PC) is the new and exciting, multi-platform, Air Hockey indie video game, created for your PC! The main/PC version of the game is written in QB64GL with its new commands, especially its multimedia commands. A 3D, multi-platform deluxe edition of this game has been created using Unity3D, and a retro, homebrew port of the game is in the works for the Sega Genesis/Sega CD.

Unlike the other Air Hockey video games out for PC, Ultra Air Hockey has various features that make it unique and fun, including:

  • Features

    • 1 and 2 Player modes

    • Difficulty settings

      • Each difficulty has a different goal size

      • x3 difficulty settings per game mode

        • Easy (small goal)

        • Medium (larger goal)

        • Hard (largest goal)

    • Powerups

      • Powerups are collectible by hitting a powerup icon with hockey puck

      • Powerup is then kept in reserve until player uses it

      • x9 powerup types

        • Multi puck

          • Creates 3 pucks in play!

        • Big stick

          • Makes your paddle x3 bigger

        • Blockade

          • Puts a giant wall in the middle of the table!

          • Blocks offensive attacks by the opponent

        • Slowmo

          • Slows down gameplay

        • Kill opponent

          • Opponent is taken out of the game until next goal

        • Swap places

        • Fastmo

          • Speeds up gameplay

        • Invisibility mode

          • Makes players invisible for a brief amount of time

        • Bumpers

          • Randomly places x7 bumpers on the table

          • Puck and paddles physically interact with them!

    • Graphics

      • 98% Original graphics

      • Pre-rendered snapshots from original Google Sketchup models

      • Original 2D sprite graphics

      • x3 Different video modes

        • 320:240 windowed mode

        • 4:3 fullscreen mode

        • 16:9 fullscreen mode

    • Music

      • Public domain, classic MOD chiptunes

      • x14 Chiptunes (from the modarchive.org)

        • x3 for the difficulty modes

        • x7 for the powerups

        • x4 other

    • Gameplay

      • Box and pixel-perfect collision detection

      • Semi-intelligent and challenging opponent AI!

      • Smooth animation and graphics

      • Physics and graphics programming powered by TerryRitchie's SpriteLibrary (v0.2)

    • Sound effects

      • Realistic, original, exciting sound effects!

      • Creative Common sounds from Freesound.org

      • Announcer proclaims

        • What the current score is

        • Who is winner

        • Other gameplay information

High quality, fun game for family and friends!

Now available for download!


Ultra Air Hockey (PC Version v1.0, w/source)