TrigPak is a suite of programs for Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus class, and was created during the pre-EagleSoft Ltd days from 2010-2012 using Ti-BASIC, and my custom library, CPanel Lib.

Probably sometime during Trigonometry class, the student has wished for programs on his calculator in order to check his work and in order to make his life much easier on homework. He has searched the internet and has found nothing good, but finally, extremely useful, hard-to find programs have finally made their way to the internet community, via TrigPak! This software suite has many good programs to make the student’s life easier and to check his math on homework. There are programs for generic operations, logarithmic and exponential expressions, polynomial and rational expressions, and general trigonometry. Unlike many other suites, some programs will link into other programs, which makes learning how to use those programs easier; all one really needs to do is learn about the main programs.

The unofficial version 3.0b2 of TrigPak fixes many bugs inherited from the previous versions, and is now compatible with the more efficient CPanel Lib v2.0b2. Programs are no longer bloated since duplicate, redundant, and local macros do not have to be injected into each individual program when using CPanel Lib v2.0. Furthermore, many programs now have better and simplified linking, and do not quit after running the program once. Moreover, some programs have been enhanced, such as Ratlz and Ratnot, which have been completely rewritten. Furthermore, some unnecessary programs have been removed.

For the final beta (beta #2), only the first two sets of programs have been revised (TGen and TPolyR). The manual is incomplete, and only everything up to the end of TPolyR has been updated. For TrigPak V3.0b2 use the final beta of CPanel Lib, v2.0b2.

Unfortunately, the final version of TrigPak v3.0 was never completed, and has been abandoned. It is recommended to use version 2.0 of TrigPak if you would like to use the software. Below are copies of the older versions of TrigPak if needed, for legacy/historical reasons. TrigPak v3.0 utilizes CPanelLib v2.0b2, TrigPak v2.0 utilizes CPanel Lib v1.0, and Trigpak v1.0 does not utilize CPanel Lib at all. The user MUST download the appropriate version of CPanel Lib (if any) before using any version of TrigPak!

TrigPak v1.0

TrigPak v2.0