Nintendo 64

Ah, the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's cult-classic, smash hit, 5th generation video game console and successor to its famous Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Although a 64-bit cartridge-based system, compared to its rivals, the Sega Saturn and Sony's Playstation 1, the N64 is a very powerful machine, featuring a RISC-based MIPS R4300i processor clocking at a whopping (for its time) 93.75 MHz, and a custom RCP (Reality Control Processor) co-processor. The RCP consists of two computational engines: the RSP (Reality Signal Processor) and the RDP (Reality Display Processor). The RSP takes care of 3D vector mathematics, while the RDP actually displays the graphics.

The N64 had very many fun titles, including Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, and F-Zero X. The following are homebrew and other game modification utilities created for the Nintendo 64.

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The cult-classic N64