What is Trackmania?

Trackmania is a series of racing games created by Nadeo. Unlike other racing games, racing is waypoint based; i.e, the racer drives through the tracks in order to hit all of the checkpoints and then head for the finish line. Trackmania United Forever (TMUF) is the complete version of the game, including 7 different environements (Stadium, Desert, Coast, Island, Bay, Snow, and Rally) and several different modes (Race, Stunt, Platform, and Puzzle). "Coppers" and a ranking based on the world leaderboards ("Ladderpoints") can be earned while racing in these modes. Race tracks can be created and shared from the in-game block-based editor, custom 3D models for each car can be created and shared, and cars can be painted with 2D graphics and colors. Most importantly, players can play online with other racers through the internet and online servers! The game is extremely fun, fast-paced, and customizable!

Below are various racetracks and 3D models I have created for the game.