Ultra Air Hockey (Sega Genesis/CD)

Ultra Air Hockey (Sega Genesis/CD homebrew port) is the new and exciting, multi-platform, Air Hockey indie video game, in-progress as homebrew for the Sega Genesis/Sega CD, originally created for PC, and ported to Unity3D as a Deluxe version. The Sega Genesis/CD ports of the game were once previously being built with the BEX basic compiler, but due to some major issues, bottlenecks, and limitation of that compiler, is now being rewritten and refactored with the Sega Genesis Development Kit (SGDK), a C Library created for development for Genesis games using the GNU GCC compiler and an IDE of choice (preferably Eclipse or Code::Blocks).

Unlike the other Air Hockey video games out for other platforms, Ultra Air Hockey has various features that make it unique and fun, including:

    • Features

      • 1 and 2 Player modes

      • Difficulty settings

        • Each difficulty has a different size for the goals

        • x3 difficulty settings per mode

          • Easy (small goal)

          • Medium (larger goal)

          • Hard (largest goal)

      • Powerups

        • Powerups are collectible by hitting the powerup icon with hockey puck

        • Powerup is then kept in reserve until player uses it

        • x 9 powerups

          • Multi puck

            • Creates 3 pucks in play!

          • Big stick

            • Makes your stick x3 bigger

          • Blockade

            • Puts a giant wall in the middle of the table!

            • Blocks offensive attacks by the opponent

          • Slowmo

          • Kill opponent

            • Opponent is taken out of the game until next goal

          • Swap places

          • Fastmo

          • Invisibility mode

            • Makes players invisible for a brief amount of time

          • Bumpers

            • Randomly places x7 bumpers on the table

            • Puck and sticks physically interact with them!

      • Graphics

        • 98% Original graphics

        • Pre-rendered snapshots from original Google Sketchup models

        • Graphics converted and optimized to work with the Sega Genesis/CD's hardware.

        • Original 2D sprites

        • EagleSoft Ltd branding splash screen

        • Mega Drive 25th anniversary splash screen

      • Music

        • Sega Genesis version

          • Music is played through the Sega Genesis' hardware YM2612 Yamaha chip

          • Features FM and DAC instruments/samples playing simultaneously!

          • Music playback powered by the Echo Sound Engine, which runs on the Genesis' z80 processor

          • One different song, specific to the Sega Genesis version

        • Sega CD version

          • Music files will be played back through the Sega CD's Redbook Audio CDDA.

        • All versions

          • Public domain, classic .mod chiptunes

            • x14 Chiptunes (from the modarchive.org)

              • x3 for the difficulty modes

            • x7 for the powerups

              • x4 other

      • Gameplay

        • Box and pixel-perfect collision detection

        • Semi-intelligent and challenging opponent AI!

    • Sound effects

      • Sega Genesis/CD versions

        • Sound effects played back through the Echo Sound Engine as DAC samples on the z80 processor

        • DAC sound effects interrupt DAC instruments for songs

      • Original, exciting sound effects!

      • Creative Common sounds from Freesound.org

      • Announcer proclaims

        • What the current score is

        • Who is winner

        • Other things

High quality, fun game, for family and friends!
VGM Soundtrack of game (with VGM ROM Player, for Real Hardware™ available at the Music page)

No download available yet, as the game is still under development!

(Currently from the older BEX build)

EagleSoft Ltd Intro (Retro edition)

MegaDrive 25th Anniversary logo
(Based off this image)

Main Menu

Options Screen (simplified)

Player selection screen

Credits Screen

Easy Difficulty

Medium Difficulty

Hard Difficulty



Newer SGDK builds:

Older BEX builds: