Below you will find various tunes that I have created as chiptunes for the Sega Genesis's YM2612/PSG chips and for OPL2/OPL3 chips. The Sega Genesis utilizes a Yamaha YM2612 chip for FM synthesis, as well as a SN76489 PSG chip, which is included "on-chip" in the Sega 315-5313 VDP. Other music has been created for OPL2 (YM3812)/OPL3 (YMF262) chips of Adlib/SoundBlaster fame, respectively.

YM2612 Chip

Sega 315-5313 VDP

(Genesis has SN76489 "on-chip" in VPD)

Standalone SN76489 PSG Chip

OPL2 chip

OPL3 chip

About the tunes:

Nearly all of the tunes are not original, and are covers of other songs, including video game tunes, movie themes and modern bands, or chiptune conversions. Some were also created for my homebrew software.

About the YM2612 Tunes:

Most of the YM2612 tunes were created with either Shiru's TFM/VGM Music Maker, SMPSPlay, or with the Echo Sound Engine (for playback of the tunes with my homebrew software). The tunes were then exported to the VGZ format, which is a zipped format of the VGM format, which is a generic chiptune file format for various retro platforms and soundchips, especially for the Sega Genesis/CD/32x. Some tunes were also created for Sonic 1 or Knuckles' Chaotix mods in mind (as SMPS ASMa nd BIN files), in the Sonic 1 68k and Knuckles Chaotix 32x Z80 SMPS flavor respectively, using MID2SMPS and XM4SMPS. You can use these songs in your mods, but please credit to "GenesisDoes"!

The VGM format can be played with plugins with your favorite media player, or with standalone software for your favorite platform and operating system of your choice (see here for player plugins and software). I personally prefer and recommend using in_VGM for XMPlay for PC, and MODo for Android devices. If you really do not feel like downloading an app or plugin for a music player, you can download the music files and then listen to them via the web by dragging n' dropping the files on this awesome web player! If you are really feeling adventurous and have a real Sega Genesis with a flashcart, you could create a VGM Player ROM from the VGZ files below to play On Real Hardware™! (Nothing beats original hardware!)

About the OPL2/OPL3 Tunes:

The other OPL2/OPL3 tunes were created with Adlib Tracker II. These tunes can be played back with in_adlib for XMPlay for PC, or if you feeling adventurous, On Real Hardware™ via an old Windows 95 computer with a real adlib/soundblaster card installed. You could also try playing back some of the tunes via this webapp.


(Favorite 6-pad controller for Genesis)

Game Covers

Music & TV Covers

(SNES Audio APU module)

Chiptune conversions

Homebrew soundtracks