Knuckles' Clackers

v0.2c Demo submitted to SHC 2023 (Sonic Hacking Contest),
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   Knuckles Clackers is a major Knuckles Chaotix game mod for the poor, ill-fated, underrated Sega Genesis 32x addon. It is meant to be an unofficial fan-made sequel (like a "Sonic 5") to Knuckles' Chaotix for the 25th anniversary of the US release of the game (in May 2020).

   Its main focus is to create harder levels, less empty zones, and to create new content for the powerful Knuckles Chaotix game engine, as well as to implement proper loop chunk and pathswapping sections. (The original game had very empty zones with respect to placement of ring, badnik, gimmick, and other objects types compared to its predecessors.) Its other focus is to research and to document how the Chaotix engine works with a more annotated disassembly, and to tinker around with its Sega 32x engine features.

Sega 32x Chaotix engine features:

The mod aims to be the first fully-fledged modification of the game, featuring:

Knuckles' Chaotix Hacking/But why?

   As of the time of this writing, there have ever only been 4 public Knuckles' Chaotix mods ever created by various Sonic modding sceners: 

   Years ago (back in 2011), due to the lack of research and Chaotix game mods, I felt like doing some preliminary research into the game, starting with further documenting the game's object types and subtypes, and integrating the data into SonED2's Chaotix ROMulan support. I never fully finished it.

   Nowadays, with my increased knowledge of how the Sega Genesis and Sega 32x work (Motorola 68000 and Hitachi SH-2 assembly programming langauges), I feel like researching even further deeper into how the game works and on finishing up that object documentation. 

Furthermore, I'm interested in leveraging the engine's robust features that the Sega 32x hardware provides:

Knuckles' Clackers features

In comparison to these simple Chaotix mods of old, Knuckles Clackers shall crack open Chaotix modding, take it to the next level, and shall feature:

Knuckles' Chaotix Research

Research into how Knuckles Chaotix works is also being done during Knuckles' Clackers development. Full details at the research page

Expo'd at the 2021 & 2023 BitBridge Halloween Showcases!