SM64 Preview SoundFont

SM64 Preview Soundfont is a MIDI Soundfont for previewing SM64 NIST instrument allocations within a MIDI file. It is meant to be used in MusicXML conversion/sheet music software such as MuseScore, in order to preview what a .m64 SM64 song file may sound like after allocating the appropriate sound bank and converting a MIDI into a MusicXML file and then into a .m64 file, using modification utilities such as SM64 MusicXML converter.

How to use with MuseScore:

    1. Load MuseScore

    2. Open a MIDI file

    3. Open the Synthesizer dialog box (Display>Synthesizer)

    4. Load the preview soundfont in the dialog box

    5. Load the mixer dialog box (Display>Synthesizer)

    6. Load instruments from the drop down boxes for each

    7. chord on the music sheet in order to preview instruments.

    8. (Instruments are in the format of NISTxx_yy,

    9. where xx is the sound bank in hexadecimal,

    10. and yy is the instrument ID in that bank in hexadecimal)

    11. Save the MIDI as MusicXML .xml, and convert to .m64 using appropriate converter software

    12. Have fun!

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5