CPanel Lib

Note: The following suite of programs is ONLY for the Ti-84+ Silver Edition model of calculator,
since it is the only model of z80 calculators that have enough RAM for CPanel Lib.
Moreover, TiOS 2.55MP or greater is needed on the calculator!

Control Panel Library (abbreviated as CPanel Lib) is a Ti-BASIC library for the z80/8-bit Texas Instruments graphing calculators. It contains the best z80 assembly opcodes and z80 assembly programs from CPanel Lib acts as a front-end, in order to make parameters to the opcodes and assembly programs easier. The CPanel Library has all of the included assembly programs and opcodes as functions, which can be called from other Ti-BASIC programs. Usually, the only input and output for the functions is in the variable ANS (which can be of ANY datatype), making parameters much easier.

Moreover, this front-end contains debug code, which is an invaluable tool for developers to see what is being put into the function, and what is being outputted (if anything) from the functions. Furthermore, unlike other libraries, this library uses hacked variables for processing data inside the functions as much as is technically possible, so that standard memory variables currently in use are not altered and have their original values preserved.

CPanel Lib contains about 28 functions,
and includes some of the following features:

  • Play sound

  • Enable lowercase

  • Change variable data types

  • File management (during run-time)

    • Un/archive programs

    • Un/lock programs

  • Run assembly scripts as hexadecimal tokens

  • Error throwing

    • Generate standard TiOS errors

    • Generate custom errors

  • Much more!

Most of these functions are unavailable through normal means to Ti-BASIC programmers, without z80 assembly programming. See the technical documents inside download for information on how to develop software using the CPanel Lib.

Some of my software uses CPanel Lib, so the user will have to download the appropriate version for the software in order to run it.