Office macros/batch scripts

MS Office Macros

Microsoft Office has a built-in feature to allow users to create macros. This functionality allows one to bind certain actions to the keyboard to increase productivity. Below are some informal downloads to some Microsoft office 2003/XP macros that I personally made for myself in order to increase functionality, with videos explaining/showing the functions inside. Mainly they are used for quick border and other formatting.

Also Microsoft Windows includes a built-in scripting language for some basic DOS and processing of other operations via Command Prompt Batch language. Since the broken abomination known as Windows 10, Linux shell has been added as another usable scripting language via a hacky Unix subsystem; however I only use the real operating system of Windows 7. Windows 8 and newer are total garbage.

Also included is a mirrored copy and information on a set of Microsoft Office 2003/XP add-ins macros for performing Bitwise logical operations in Excel. (Useful for ROM hacking, and used extensively during Knuckles Clackers game development for some hacky internal tools).

Microsoft Excel Macros

Tamkis Office Macros (MS Excel XP)

Downloads/Links (Office Macros)

Tamkis' Office Macros (v1.1, 08/27/2021)

Bitwise Logical Operations macro add-in


More information/mirror

My own local mirror

Batch scripts

Batch ECM utility (7ZECM_EDC)

Most disc images (ISO, CCD, IMG), as part of the ISO 9660 filesystem spec have error correction data (ECC/EDC data) within the image. This allows burnt physical discs, if damaged or scratched, to safely recover disc reading from damaged data. Unfortunately, this ECC/EDC data is somewhat noisy and random, and that data will cause disc images to not compress very well with 7zip.

Popular with the PSX emulation scene is a disc image compression format that can be applied on top of popular disc image formats known as ECM. It basically removes losslessy the EDD/EDC data, allow for far better compressions rates (full technical details here). Command-line utilities exist to create ECM compressed images, uncompress them back to regular disc image formats, and restore the noisy ECC/EDC data for disc burning. When an image is ECM compressed, it can then be compressed with a better compression ratio via 7zip.

I've fallen in love with ECM compression, and since apply it to all of my disc images before 7zip compressing with Ultra compression. However, running ECM via commandline on images, deleting the old image, and 7zip compressing tons of images is time consuming

Given a directory filled with ISO images that is drag n' dropped onto the batch file, my own 7ZECM_EDC (7Zip ECM ECM_compress-Delete-Copy) batch script recursively searches the directory for ISO images, ECM compresses the images, delete the old ones, and then 7zip compresses the directory with ultra compression. It is quick, easy, and customizable. Full details of usages and options within the script's comments

7z-CCD (7zip Clone Copy Delete)

The concept of my 7ZECM_EDC script is based on 7z-CCD (7zip Clone Copy Delete), a batch utility by BigHead which will find all archive types (zip, rar, tar/gz/bzip, etc) within a directory, extract them, compress them with 7zip ultra compression, and then keep whichever archive type (source or 7zip) is smaller in size. Most compression types other than 7z is inferior, with 7zip usually being of high quality compression ratio.

Since the original website is down, I've provided a mirror, and modified copy which, after being run, will self-destruct the batch file. This is useful for just copying the batch file to a directory with archives, have it recompress everything, and remove all traces of the batch file/log files. No need to use a command prompt session and CD to multiple directories for batch CCD useage at various directory locations


A simple batch script that:

  • Fixes up basic internet connection IP/DNS issues

    • ipconfig /release

    • ipconfig /flushdns

    • ipconfig /renew

  • Resets the printer spooler

    • net stop spooler

    • net stop spooler

  • Reports any encrypted files on the HDD

    • cipher /u /n /h

Run as admin to fixup the internet issues and run the other commands