Below are 3DPDFs of the 3D Google Sketchup models used to make the pre-rendered 2D images in game.

Most of these same models were recycled and modified for UAHDX.

For online view, you can view these 3DPDFs using the built-in Adobe Acrobat Reader XI browser plugin,

or just download them from the attachments below to view on your computer offline (more stable).

Inferior Internet Explorer (or that new-fangled "Microsoft Edge") web browser

are recommended for viewing the 3DPDFs online.

3DPDFs were created by converting Google Sketchup .skp files into Lightwave .obj,

and finally, by loading and exporting as 3DPDF using FinalMesh.

(Read my blog post for more information about this process.)

PDFs were embedded into the page using Mori79's Google Sites PDF Wrapper.