(Amy cheat code, now replaced with Neptune)

Level Select/Debug cheat code
($19950421 =
$06 $0C $15 / $01 $01 $01)
Knuckles Chaotix release date (Jap)

Amy cheat code
($19940421 =
$06 $0C $15 / $01 $01 $01)
Sega 32x hardware release date (US)


Sonic Factory Zone (Practice)

Lesson 2

Lesson 5/6

Techno Tower Classic Zone (TTZC)

Techno Tower Classic Zone
Title/End Cards

Act 1 (Morning)

Act 2 (Day)

Act 2 (Day)

Act 3 (Sunset)

Act 3 (Night)

Act 4
(Day, Egg Gauntlet Zone Part 1)

Act 4 Bosses
(Day, Egg Gauntlet Zone Part 1)

Final Boss (Metal Sonic Kai)

Bonus Stages (new artwork)

Objects/other 32x sprite artwork

New Monitors

New shield

Loop chunk spritemasker objects

Source artwork

Bonus Stage artwork
(Some Sonic 1, CD special stage objects)

New monitor artwork/status icons
(Combination of Chaotix 1207 prototype genesis graphics with final,
some Sonic CD assets)

Misc assets

Neptune cameo for Soundtest (Genesis sprites)/
soundtest palette edits

New signpost