As much as EagleSoft Ltd prefers creating software for more conservative, traditional computing devices (such as Windows 7 PCs like desktops and laptops) and retro video game consoles for fun, unfortunately, we can no longer avoid the coming mobile revolution of smartphones and tablets. Although some people would prefer mobile devices completely takeover traditional computing devices such as PCs, this is not a possibility, as, ultimately, PCs are more stable/secure, more powerful, more flexible, more mature, and can handle heavier applications such as software programming, CAD, heavier core gaming, video editing, graphics, etc. Especially since PCs are used to program and to debug mobile device app development, a complete mobile takeover should not happen. Also, for some applications (especially word processing, office applications, and precision-based applications such as CAD), using a touch screen and your thumbs just can't replace the productivity of using a real, quality, tactile mouse and keyboard. Moreover, PCs (especially traditional desktops) can have additional hardware added into motherboard slots and hardware upgraded (such as RAM), unlike most phones. Furthermore, unlike mobile devices, traditional PCs are not "jailed"/sandboxed/watered down, have little to no planned hardware obsolescence through denied firmware/OS upgrades based on hardware model, and much less marketing gimmicks. No one would really want to shell out $100s every year for a new PC, just because manufacturers won't allow a new OS/firmware to be installed on a specific model of PC without hacking or extensive hardware upgrades.

Despite these facts, mobile smartdevices do have their time, place, and usage. They are great for playing retro emulators on-the-go and for casual computing while on-the-go (such as checking email at campus WiFi hotspots), and are great multi-purpose devices (such as GPS, photo/video camera, traditional cell phone, IR Remote, etc). Furthermore, compared to full-blown laptops and desktops, smartphones are considerably cheaper, and are often used by less techie adults whose usage requirements would not need a full-blown PC, and are especially given to youth from parents on a budget. Coupled with app stores for the device having thousands of apps, mobile devices do have great potential and are quickly becoming a major technological force in our society.

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