Unity3D is a flexible, powerful, technically complex, but simple to use, 2D & 3D video game design engine. It has physics, collision, sprite and 3D object handling built in, and can be scripted using C#, Javascript ("UnityScript"), or Boo. Most importantly, the engine is platform independent, multi-platform, and has multiplayer networking capabilities built in.

Platforms in which Unity3D creations can run on include:

  • PC

    • Windows

    • Mac OSX

    • Linux

    • 32 and 64-bits

  • Mobile

    • Android

    • Apple iOS

    • Standalone Android-Based VR headsets

      • HTC Vive Focus

      • Occulus Quest

  • Video game platforms

    • 9th Video Game Generation

      • Xbox One Series X

      • Playstation 5

      • Nintendo Switch

    • 8th Video Game Generation

      • Xbox One

      • Playstation 4

      • Nintendo Wii U

  • Many other misc and video game platforms

The sub-pages underneath the "Unity3D" tab are Eaglesoft Ltd's projects written with Unity3D.

Items marked with * are video games created professionally (mostly for Mega Cat Studios, Igloosoft)