("Ox'd been")

0xdbin is a simple but powerful freeware utility for computer architects and computer nerds for converting between binary, hexadecimal, and decimal number bases. The name is derived from "0x" (common hexadecimal prefix), "d" (for decimal), and "bin" (for binary). The utility has various options which set it apart from other similar applications (such as Windows 7's calc.exe program), including

    • Selection of common Bin and Hex prefixes for the output

    • Ability to specify different word lengths

      • 8-bit

      • 16-bit

      • 32-bit

    • Formatting for hex/bin outputs

      • Padding of output to word-length

      • Truncating of leading zeroes

      • No formatting

    • Intelligent error handling

    • Notices for special number cases

    • Different processing modes for signed values

      • Unsigned

      • Sign magnitude

      • One's Complement

      • Two's Complement

    • Displays chart with common Boolean Algebra Rules



0xdbin (v1.0)