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"StarEagle: Defenders of the Galaxy” is an in-progress, story-driven, Indie shmup video game that is a combination of a 3D scrolling shooter game and free-roam shooter. It is a story-driven game meant to be styled after the wonderful, innovative, retro, early, minimalistic, 32-bit and 64-bit 3D polygon video games, such as Virtua Racer DX and Virtua Fighter. It is heavily inspired by classics such as StarFox (SNES), StarFox 64 (N64), and Stellar Assault (Sega 32x, aka Shadow Squadron). The game has on-rails flight sections, 3D free range sections (similar to "All-Range Mode" in StarFox 64), and 6DoF space battles similar to those in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005 Pandemic, not the EA garbage). Game planned to be released sometime during 2020 for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux through Steam.

Planned features of the game:

  • Steam support/achievements
  • Steam highscore leaderboards

  • Story Mode
    • 7 missions per story
    • Branching story paths
    • 2 different endings (good/bad)
    • 18 levels available
    • Medals earned for beating devteam's highscores
    • Map system
      • Each planet has up to 2 available paths
      • Camera rotatable on X, Y, and Z axises
    • Training Mode
  • VectorVision
    • Branch of Linux MPV co-utility that can vectorize the game's graphics and output vector graphics to
      • A retro CRT-based monochrome osilloscope in XY Mode
      • Raster-based CRT monitor converted to a color vector monitor using Fred K's kit.
    • Uses a custom VGA circuit


 The story takes place in a a galaxy known as the Feather Galaxy, ruled by King Flight, a Bald Eagle, and co-led by his son, Prince Igor, a power-hungry adolescent Screech Owl. A fleet of scurvy Space Rats attacks a few of the Galaxy's fringe planets, the royal city, and the Flight Palace's royal throne itself located on Planet Wing. Although a fleet of royal air fighters was dispatched to counteract the attack, they could not prevent the attack on the Flight Palace, and worse, the leader of that fleet, a Bald Eagle named "Uncle" Sammy, was abducted by the Space Rat fleet and was taken as a prisoner of war. In response to the bloody assault, Prince Igor suggests and gets approved by the royal parliament the Courage Act, a controversial and Orwellian law that would heighten galactic security and the operations on the Fight Against Piratcy by allowing a controversial branch of the royal government called the GEL (Galactic Espionage League) to monitor all electronic communications, both private and citizens' civil communications. This law was passed despite dire warnings of the GEL receiving too much power and erosion of civil liberties by privacy watchowls and civil advocates. The current leader of the GEL, Antonius "Dreadly" Caesar, appoints Prince Igor to head the GEL as co-leader in this current state of emergency, despite King Flight's objections. He could not annul this appointment due to his power. He fears this newfound power will corrupt Prince Igor, who has been rebellious lately...

To avenge those lost in the massacre and to rescue "Uncle" Sammy, King Flight sends out a special ops team known as "StarEagle Team", led by Sammy Jr. (Bald Eagle son of "Uncle" Sammy), Gregorio the Barn Owl, Thomas the Prarie Dog, and Slippery the Snowhare, to combat the invading Space Rats!

Sammy Jr, it is up to you to avenge the Space Rats' attack, save the Galaxy, and rescue your father!

Game functionality, story, and details pending, as game is currently in the planning stages
Stay tuned for more development on the blog