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Socket the Hedgeduck

Socket the Hedgeduck Title Screen

Demo v0.4a coming to SHC 2019!

Demo #3 submitted to SHC 2016 (Sonic Hacking Contest)

   (No, "Socket the Hedgeduck" is not an avian O.C.; it's an in-progress modification of Sonic the Hedgehog, which aims to port Socket/Time Dominator's levels to the Sonic the Hedgehog engine!

Boring backstory:

    During 2014, I discovered about and played a somewhat obscure Genesis game on my Genesis called "Socket"/"Time Dominator", which many people label as a poor Sonic clone, due to it having monitor-like powerup objects, a "High Speed Zone", spring-like objects, (poor) slope physics, checkpoints, and ring-like collectibles for health (sparks). Although I really liked the concept of Socket and the different, non "press-right-to-win" level layout styles and themes, I was greatly disappointed in the poor slope physics and slow overall speed of the Socket character, and wondered if the Sonic the Hedgehog engine would handle the levels much better.

This advanced hack is an unofficial port of Socket/Time Dominator assets (music, level layouts, art, objects, and more) to the Sonic the Hedgehog Engine.

Implemented/in-progress features:
  • Modified menus
    • New SEGA Chant, SSRG Logo screen
    • New Title Screen with options to toggle extended music playlist and bonus stages
      • Press or buttons on title screen, respectively
    • Level Select cheat () enables both level select and Debug Mode cheats
    • New Level Select screen, with 3 pages of levels

  • New Zones, title cards, level and cycling palettes, art, level layouts, deformed backgrounds, etc.
    • Title cards have been extended to handle acts 1-7 (especially for High Speed Zone)

    • Normal levels
      • Each zone has 3 acts
        • 2 are pure ports from Socket
        • 3rd act is original, has a boss room
      • The Zones
        • Emerald Forest Zone (EFZ)
        • Treasure Castle Zone (TrCZ)
        • Olein Cavern Zone (OCZ)
        • Antiquity Zone (AZ)
        • Stone Age Zone (SAZ, New)
        • Future Zone (FZ)
        • Time Castle Zone (TCZ)
        • Time Lord Zone (TLZ, formerly Final Zone)

    • Bonus levels
      • Each level has either 2 or 3 acts
        • Levels can be accessed by jumping onto a door object in a level
        • Completing the level/dying takes you back to previous level. No lives are decremented
        • Completing the level warps you elsewhere in the previous level
      • The Zones
        • Lights (BZL)
        • Castle (BZC)
        • Lava (BZLa)
        • Fence (BZF)

    • Special Stages
      • Normal S1 rotating special stages have been replaced with standard platforming levels.
        • Reaching the signpost without dying will award you a Chaos emerald via the Special Stage Results screen
        • Dying will not award you a Chaos emerald, but will not decrement lives.
        • Obtaining 50 rings in the zone will earn you a continue (disabled in the v0.3 demo)
      • Each special stage are ports of the "High Speed Zone" acts from Socket

  • New YM2612 tunes
    • MegaPCM Driver
    • Ports of Socket music
    • New music for the other acts of levels in the extended playlist,
      a separate "good"/"bad" playlist (based if Sonic has all the chaos emeralds) for some levels
    • Music slots ranging from $80-$9F and expanded to $E5 - $FF

  • New/ported objects where necessary
    • New object art/mappings where necessary
    • Custom door object for level warps
    • Art edits

  • Various SCHG/SSRG bug fixes and tutorials, and other original code
    • SCHG/SSRG tutorials
      • Expanded Sonic 1 Water tables (AZ and BZLa)
      • S1 New zone guide
      • Walk-jump, spike, and other bug fixes
      • Zone-agnostic objects
      • Spindash
    • Original code
      • Boss areas
      • Title Card has its own song
      • Implemented Sonic 1 Big ROM Chunks
      • Extended AnimateSprite routine to handle upto $F5 frames
      • Touch-pop monitors
      • S3K spring collision, diagonal springs
      • Horizontal and vertical speed boosters
      • New warp system and warp door objects


Demo Download Link:

v0.3 IPS Patch (10/31/16)
Read section #2 "Installation" in readme for usage of IPS Patch

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