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Electronics Suite

   Electronics Suite is a suite of Visual Basic applications created in Spring 2012 and which deals with electronics engineering formulas and principles. The suite is open-sourced, and is freeware! It was created by EagleSoft Ltd founder (Anthony) specifically for his earlier Electronics classes at his community college. The suite includes the following programs: Resistor Color Code, Basic e-Formulas, and Circuits.
   Resistor Color Code is used to decode the resistor color code and to calculate the minimum and maximum resistance values within the resistor's tolerance. Colors are displayed both as words and with the corresponding color. It can even check if a measure value is within the aforementioned range, and also decode either 4 or 5-band resistors.
   Basic e-Formulas solves for any variable in various basic electronics formulas, including voltage, current, ohm's law, and all three forms of Watt's Law.
   Circuits solves for various variables for various equations when dealing with certain components in series and parallel circuits (but not series-parallel). This program performs circuit analysis for voltage, current, resistance, and wattage for resistive elements, and can solve for each individual variable for each resistor, as well as the total of all of the resistors.
   All programs in Electronics Suite utilizes a custom Visual Basic library, called Tamkis Lib, which is a class of useful functions that I've created. By utilizing Tamkis Lib, all calculations in Electronics Suite can be displayed in normal notation, scientific notation, or engineering notation. For scientific and engineering notation modes, the results can be displayed in numeric notation (e.g. 1000 V=1e3 V) or with a prefix (e.g. 1000 V=1kV).


RColor Code

Resistor Color Code

Basic e-Formulas