Hello! I'm Anthony.
Robert Morris University graduate (class of 2016), software engineer, passionate indie and homebrew video game developer.

EagleSoft Ltd

This portfolio site serves to showcase my
hobby and professional software engineering experience, as well as a few other miscellaneous things (such as retro video game music I compose). I also run a blog titled EagleSoft Labs which contains frequent updates on my projects, as well as technological information.
The best ways to keep up with updates on the website is by subscribing to the Recent Site Changes, by visiting the EagleSoft Labs Blog regularly, or by subscribing to its RSS/Atom News Feeds. (The reader will need a RSS reader in order to subscribe to and keep up with the RSS feeds; a list of popular ones can be found here.)
I hope you will come back and visit both the site and the blog, and be an engaged, active, retentive visitor! Give a donation via Paypal in order to help motivate me with my software engineering career, or "hang out" at the blog.

Featured Professional/Freelance Projects
Below are a few of the more noteworthy professional/freelance projects I have worked on:

Featured Hobby Projects
Below are a few of the more noteworthy hobby projects I have worked on:

Ultra Air Hockey DX
Ultra Air Hockey
PC VersionSega version, DX version

Socket the Hedgeduck
(Advanced Sonic 1 Mod)






Tower Tic Tac Toe
PC Version, Sega versions

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