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Knuckle's Chaotix Breakout

Knuckle's Chaotix Breakout (formerly "Chaotix CD") is an older, pre-EagleSoft Ltd project, being started around 2007, and then being developed sporadically for several years until 2011. It is a fan game and a level set for the PC version of an old breakout game called Break GOLD!, by Kjell Anderson. The game's level are compiled using basic Motorola 68k assembly code scripts within the game, which utilizes a type of a Motorola 68k virtual machine. The level set is, obviously, themed around Sega's Knuckles' Chaotix, an obscure Sonic-based game made for the poor, ill-fated addon for the Sega Genesis known as the Sega 32x.

All code written for the fangame is completely original, and is not based at all on the code of the original Knuckles' Chaotix game. Only the game mechanics of the original, with some twists, were adapted. The fangame was submitted as a entry into SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) 2011, however, the source code and fan game were both lost in a HDD crash. This page serves as a memorial to this fan game. Unfortunately, this game was created well before I learned more about the internal workings of the BreakGOLD engine, the game's level designs and coding were rather amateurish, rushed, and not my best work.

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How to play:

The goal of the game is simple: to clear all of the levels. In order to clear a level, the player will need to either defeat all enemies, collect all rings, defeat a boss, or find the exit. In order to clear levels, the player will have to utilize the various abilities of the Chaotix. "Members" of team Chaotix can be selected by hitting the Chaotix monitor. Each monitor has a different action, and each action will be needed in order to progress through the levels.

Sorry, no download, until/if I can find a backup copy of the game :(