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BreakGOLD Editing

   KJell Andersson's PC BreakGOLD engine is a very powerful and complex breakout engine. With the level editor included with the full, paid version, users can create new levels using custom brick images, and can add custom sound effects. Best of all, users can script custom events in the game using a small subset of standard syntax of Motorola 68k asm. Using the game's unique Syscall commands, users can move bricks, play sounds, disable/enable bricks, detect brick-to-brick and brick-to-paddle collision, and more.
BreakGOLD Title Screen                                            Level Editor

Snippet of M68k asm coding
  Although the game is quite customizable, the game does have some limitations and bottlenecks. Some of these limitations include the inability to edit the internal .raw images used for internal bricks and for menus, the inability to create custom high score .bgh file listings (similar to old NES games, where the game comes preloaded with a high score table with developers' and other character names), lack of custom sound slots (only 100 slots), and short sound playback (up to 14.20 seconds with 22050kHz 8-bit Mono sfx .wav files)

BreakGOLD Editor 
    BreakGOLD Editor was designed in order to remove these limitations, and in order to allow greater customization of the BreakGOLD engine. It allows the user to create and to load .bgh high score files; to view, to rip, and to replace internal .raw images; to split .wav audio files into smaller segments and to convert and re-encode audio files between .wav and .ogg files with a specified frequency, bitrate, and amount of channels (only mono/stereo); and to make/apply a PPF 3.0 file differencing for game modifications and to view/edit tweaks for the application. Using a BMP2RAW converter, existing .bmp image files of the correct pixels dimensions can be converted into .raw files to replace partial or whole .raw files. Some of the .raw images are actually sprite sheets, with each sub-image appended one after another. The utility uses 3 data files in order to populate the internal .raw picture data, in order to properly read each file. These 3 data files can be edited to work with different games which store image data as RGB565 binary files, and is flexible for other purposes.

Image Editor

High Score BGH Editor

Audio Editor

ROM Editor



Modification notes:
   Most of the modifications and features that BreakGOLD Editor can perform was achievable due to original, partial reverse engineering of the original BreakGOLD engine and file formats. Below are some documents detailing important file offsets of the executable of the v2.1 demo of BreakGOLD, a breakdown of the .bgh file format, a spreadsheet listing the usage and dimensions of most of the internal .raw files, and the 3 parallel data files used to allow BreakGOLD editor to operate with the hard-coded dimensions of the internal .raw art.



BGH Hacking  A breakdown of each byte for each high score entry of a .bgh high score file
ImageData  Spreadsheet detailing the hard-coded dimensions and usage of each internal .raw image art . Incomplete, and in-progress
 Tweaks Details ROM addresses of important string variables in the v2.1 BreakGOLD PC demo, details how to remove and modify the nag screen and the game launching to the DualHeights website, and documents the game's secret cheats and Easter eggs
 Latest version of audiere.dll  The home of audiere, a .dll library for loading sound files, as used in BreakGOLD. No idea on how to update the older version found within BreakGOLD to the latest version yet...