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Modnation Racers

   Modnation Racers (PS3) is a late title kart-racing video game published by United Front Games on May 25, 2010 for both the PS3 and PSP, with its main selling point being the ability to create, to play, and to share user-generated content, with custom content creation akin to assets within the PS3 LittleBigPlanet series, and gameplay similar to the Mario Kart series. For the PS3 version, this user-generated content included characters ("mods", hence the game's title), karts (vehicles), and tracks. Custom content could be shared onto the game's central server for uploading and downloading; however, the severs were shutdown back on October 10, 2018, and the game's various asset DLC were also delisted from the PSN Store since then.

   Similarly to the LittleBigPlanet series, mods and vehicles could be customized with 3D parts, colored paint materials, and stickers. As for track creation, the game included its own 3D track editor (the Track Studio), with sculpting for terrain (think CAD terrain shape sculpting tools) and a spline rail-based workflow for the roads (think something similar to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit track editor on the infamous N64DD addon, minus the anti-gravity driving). As for gameplay, races consist of upto 12 kart racers, powerups, track obstacles, and various stunts which can earn boost points. Powerups can be obtained by touching various item pods scattered throughout the race track, and could be upgraded to upto 3 more powerful levels (by touching more item pods while holding a powerup item, similar to Diddy Kong Racing or Lego Racers 1). Earning boost points fill up a boost bar, which allows the player to perform a boost move, shield themselves from enemy powerup attacks, perform a counterattack sideswipe onto opponent karts (similar to that in F-Zero GX), or shoot a boltshot (which can hit trigger points on the track without using a separate powerup). Boost points can be earned by drifting (like powerslides in Mario Kart), drafting (trailing behind a kart like in Mario Kart Wii), doing successful spin stunts while in the air, hitting boost pads, firing powerups that hit a player, and successful sideswipe attacks. The game also included local offline and online multiplayer on stock or custom content tracks, and a single player story career mode (where you can earn more content parts, pre-defined mods, and stock tracks, by winning races and completing objectives).

MNR IGN review from BITD

MNR IGN Review

   At the time of this writing (June 2020), since the MNR server shutdown in May 2018, most of the gigabytes of MNR custom content within was archived online by the community (at the LittleBigArchive's Internet Archive content), and a server emulator by the community has been in the works for a replacement, private server (the karting-archive WIP) to access both the old pre-shutdown archive of content and newer content post-shutdown within MNR. This server emulator will also support LittleBigPlanet Karting, due to similarities between the servers.

  This page lists some of my custom content created post-shutdown of the original servers.

(Requires CFW and Multiman to place
files into the appropriate MNR save directory)


Nyaa-Tan (from the anime Etotama)

Android 16 (from Dragonball Z)

Android 17 (from Dragonball Z)

Zeno-Sama (from Dragonball Super)


Stunt Race FX 2WD

Stunt Race FX 4WD

Stunt Race FX Coupe

Stunt Race FX Trailer


Stepping Stones (Stunt Car Racer)

MNR Stepping Stones (SCR)

Mod Type
DL Link
Android 16 (DBZ)
Android 17 (DBZ)
Nyaa-Tan (Etotama)
Zeno-Sama (DBS)
SRFX Coupe
SRFX Trailer
Stepping Stones (SCR)