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If you've been directed to this page, it is probably because I cannot determine whether you are a human or spambot recruiter on LinkedIn. Please complete the following Captcha test, and do the following while taking it:

  • Take and complete the Captcha test
  • Reply back in the original inMail message with the test's
    • Code ID
    • Result ID
  • Based on the Code and Result IDs or (lack of) inMail reply, I'll be able to determine if you
    • Took the test
    • Passed the test
    • Ultimately, are a human or robot
I apologize that I must do this, but, due to the sheer volume of job recruiter spam from spambots on LinkedIn that I receive for jobs or positions that barely apply to my skillset of Indie Unity3D/C# video game development, it is necessary in order to filter out robots that are wasting my time during the job search.