About Us

   EagleSoft Ltd was officially founded by Mr. Anthony Kinest in 2013; however, he made software before the founding of EagleSoft Ltd at an older tripod.com site (now defunct) called the ProgLog. Anthony is a graduate from Robert Morris University with a B.S. Software Engineering degree, which he is, will be, and has been using to launch a career in video game development. He occasionally makes video game mods, homebrew, and other indie games here, as well as helps out with professional video games and homebrew at Mega Cat Studios.
   We at EagleSoft Ltd pride ourselves in making exciting and innovative software for various platforms. Specifically, we pride ourselves in creating indie video games for modern platforms (especially PC and Android) and homebrew video games for retro platforms. Occasionally, we also create useful applications for PC. Employers visiting the site can also view my LinkedIn profile to view my academic credentials, achievements, accomplishments, etc.
Why are we called EagleSoft Ltd? Because its founder is an Eagle Scout, and proud of it! Thank you for visiting my website, and for using our software.

-Anthony Kinest
-Founder of Eaglesoft Ltd